TSA Rewind Group is a licensed aircraft organization specialized in the rewind, repair and manufacturing of electrical windings for aerospace and defense industries. Rewinding is a cost and time savings alternative to purchase of new units. Our capability covers a wide range of oil or air cooled generators, starter generators, IDGs, fans, blowers, transformers, pumps or actuators components such as AC Stators, AC Rotors, DC Stators, DC Armatures, AC Exciter Rotors & Stators, PMGs’, solenoid.

The two business units of TSA Rewind Group are Toronto Sky Aviation Inc. located in the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Aircraft Armature Inc. located in Miami area, Florida, USA.

Since the inception of Toronto Sky Aviation Inc. in 1999 and the addition of Aircraft Armature Inc. in 2010, exceptional quality combined with customer satisfaction and competitive pricing remain the focus of our vision.