October 2017

Toronto Sky Aviation provides critical power systems components that our customers depend on and the safety of our products is the cornerstone of all we do. With an increasingly complex global supply chain, we must be diligent in tracking, inspecting and managing parts, material and equipment throughout the supply chain to ensure their authenticity is not compromised. Toronto Sky Aviation understands the growing impact that counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items may pose on safety, performance and reliability. As such, we are committed to establishing relationships, processes and procedures to reduce the risk of using counterfeit parts in our products. To this end, our objectives are and our expectations from suppliers like you are to: 1) Govern the detection, prevention, removal or mitigation of counterfeit, fraudulent or suspect parts from the supply chain; 2) Ensure counterfeit material is appropriately reported to governments and other stakeholders, as required or prudent; 3) Monitor and, where appropriate, take action related to industry alerts, government rulemaking efforts or other guidance on suspect parts, as well as participate in industry committees striving to reduce the use of counterfeit parts throughout our industry; 4) Develop a strategic plan to manage long-term availability of authentic parts and part sources; 5) Continually improve purchasing processes aimed at reducing the risk of procuring counterfeit parts; and 6) Constantly challenge our external supply chain to meet the same standard as our internal supply chain.